Share Your Dream

Do you have a strange, fascinating, or recurring dream you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it!

Dreams can be mysterious, entertaining, frightening, or enlightening. Understanding our dreams can provide insight into our subconscious thoughts, worries, desires, and creativity. By sharing our dreams, we may find common themes and symbolism that connect us.

My dream interpretation blog aims to explore the meanings and messages hidden within our dreams. I provide my perspective on dreams based on research into symbolism across cultures and schools of thought. However, I’m always learning too!

Your dreams are unique to you. Although general dream symbols exist, the personal context around your life influences the significance behind your dreams. I want to hear your perspectives and intuitive feelings about what your dreams represent for you.

There is no need to share your full name if you wish to remain anonymous. Simply provide a nickname and share as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable with. Describe the scene, characters, emotions, colors, numbers, activities, objects, animals, places, etc. Be as descriptive as possible so I can explore the symbolism.

Some questions to consider as you recall your dream:

  • What was the setting like? Indoors? Outdoors? A familiar place or somewhere new?
  • Who was in your dream? People you know or strangers? What were they doing?
  • How did you feel during the dream? Happy, sad, scared, confused?
  • Were there any objects, animals, numbers, or colors that stood out?
  • Was there a problem or resolution to the dream? Did you wake up before it ended?
  • Have you had this dream before? Does it recur in the same or different ways?
  • What does this dream remind you of in your waking life? Does it relate to something going on currently or from your past?

I provide my perspective on dreams based on the following analysis:

  1. Symbols and Archetypes: I start by identifying the symbols in your dream. These are common themes, images, or characters that appear across different people’s dreams and often carry a universal meaning.
  2. Context: Next, I consider the context in which these symbols appear. The setting, the interactions, and your emotions during the dream are all crucial for understanding its meaning.
  3. Personal Associations: Finally, I consider your personal associations with the symbols in your dream. For example, a dog might be a symbol of loyalty for many people, but if you have a fear of dogs, it could represent something entirely different for you.

By combining these three elements, I aim to provide an interpretation that is as personalized and accurate as possible.

I’m eager to hear about your dreams! Please share them by clicking the Share Your Dream’ button.

Describe your dream in as much vivid detail as you can recall. I’ll provide my interpretation of the symbolism and meaning, and you can let me know if it resonates. Perhaps together, we’ll gain mutual insight into our subconscious worlds. Sweet dreams!